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Audi Lease Return near Newton, NJ

Is it almost time to return your leased Audi? If your Audi lease is up within the next 90 days, you have a few options to consider. After the lease ends, you can turn in your Audi or purchase it. Learn more about the lease return process, then visit our Audi dealership near Newton, NJ, to discuss your options with our team.

Depending on your upcoming plans, you must decide between returning your Audi or buying it. If you want to upgrade to the latest iteration or drive home in a different model, we'll be happy to help you start a new lease when it's time. In fact, we may be able to waive certain fees if you choose to lease another Audi here. Alternatively, you can buy the Audi A3 sedan, Audi Q5 SUV or another vehicle that you've been driving if you aren't ready to let it go. Our Audi finance experts can explain the financing process and tell you about Audi Pure Protection extended coverage options.

Regardless of which option is right for you, there are a few steps you should follow. It's important to review the vehicle's condition yourself and then schedule an official inspection. Check out the wear and tear on your Audi to ensure it's in top-notch condition according to your lease agreement. Take note of exterior damage like dings, scratches and windshield cracks. Additionally, the tires should be the same size and quality as the ones the car came with, and they can't have worn treads or too many scuffs. The interior should only have minor stains, and the vehicle's accessories and technologies should all be functioning perfectly. Don't forget to ensure there aren't any maintenance lights illuminated on the dashboard either.

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