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When you choose to buy an Audi, you're opting to join the ranks of drivers who appreciate the finer things in life. Whether you drive an Audi A4 sedan or an Audi Q3 SUV, you can confidently cruise New Jersey streets in ultimate style. Owning an Audi doesn't just provide you with thrills on the road and attention wherever you go; you can also take advantage of Audi Preferred Benefits. Learn more about this program, then visit our Audi dealership near Parsippany, NJ, to get started.

Audi Preferred Benefits is available to Audi owners once they register on myAudi. This loyalty program allows you to capitalize on exclusive perks that will make owning an Audi even more enjoyable. Audi Preferred Benefits has a partnership with Silvercar, a company that uses an intuitive app to make renting a car simple and stress free. Regardless of if you're traveling for business or pleasure, you can receive complimentary days of renting through Silvercar. Only those registered through a myAudi account can enjoy a complimentary one-day vehicle rental when they reserve a vehicle for at least two days, or a complimentary two-day vehicle rental when they reserve it for at least four days. You can find this special on the Silvercar partner page in the Audi Preferred Benefits portal of the app.

If you have any questions about how Audi Preferred Benefits can enhance your Audi ownership experience, contact Audi Newton today. Our team is always here to help you with any aspects of buying, leasing, servicing or financing your dream car.

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